Journalism: Reviews: The Cranes

The Cranes Population Four Dedicated - MUSIC REVEIW

I can't prove it but I'm sure that this is children's music played at slow speed. I put it on my old 45 rpm player and it came out sounding like Banjo Slim but when I played that backwards (a process of recording onto cassette tape, pulling out the tape, cutting, re-taping with scotch cello-tape, and re-scrolling; the music sounded like Eartha Kit. Who, by the Cranes might wanna listen to, I think they can learn something from her dark grovelly, sometimes kitchy-camp vocal style, Alison Shaw might be a very nice person but I could never accuse her of having a rich voice. Au contraire, she sings in a baby voice –and it is irritating! Well I don't like the music so instead I make fun of them for being a brother/sister combo.