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From the Ghettoblaster Magazine

French Miami - Motor Skills

(Death By Audio)

A synth can be used for many things: it can build bright happy dance tracks, it can craft intellectual robot music with layers of squeals and haze, or it can wash through your being with the bleating fuzz of an external headache as is the case here. It even starts before you hit the play button as the cover art features a parametric moiré pattern designed to bring on an optical migraine

Were it just that the synth is annoying might be forgivable but it isn't even original, which is unfortunate, because underneath there is a lot to like. The vocals feature excellent phrasing and a nice tone that reminds me of Jim Kerr from the Simple Minds, and the post-punk guitar and drum (machine)–particularly the drumming which generally obviates the synth in the first place–are pretty great. In fairness, I wager they'd be fun live as an indie rock dance band where the synth would be better suited. But on mp3 the sanity destroying loops of tinny blips and static-y beats, had me pulling out my ear-buds in search of the serenity of dead air.