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From the Ghettoblaster Magazine

Broken Records - Let Me Come Home

(4AD Records)

In Scotland, whatever time of day, or wherever you go, you can count on the fact that it will always be dark, wet, and cold; but, the dreariness is tempered somewhat by a sly humor in the inhabitants.

Broken Records trades on the gloom of North Sea life, lots of minor chords, that go back to 4AD bands like Dead Can Dance, or Wolfgang Press; but they don't quite have the fun part down–even Andrew Eldritch allows himself a hint of hokiness. The album is a mix of sad songs and anthems with a Celt-folk (Waterboys) inspiration; but it is all so damn serious–I mean how much fun can one have with a violin and cello? One track that does work is "Dia Dos Namorados," a beautiful dirge where singer Jamie Sutherland's voice is haunted by a female echo. It evokes Richard and Linda Thompson at their most desolate but the female vocals is more comparable to Sandy Denny. I also wish there were more hard edges but also a more fun, so that listening to it would be like getting your ass kicked in a bar fight but then laughing about it with your friends afterward.