Bicycles: my bikes

I like bikes, especially for commuting in urban areas and utility. Below some of my bikes (including a few I no longer own) in various states of progress:

Redcay Sport Tour
Came to me with a mix of Campy, Mafac cantis, and 27" Weinman's. I swapped the out the transmission to Suntour and addes.

Scott Performance MTB
Prestige tubing, and Suntour XC components. I swapped it out with a compact crank and gave it a commuter set up.


Raleigh Twenty (rigid frame) Fixie
Suzu ProMax hubs, a Sugino SS crank, and MKS track pedals (essential for the low BB). See other R20 projects:

Raleigh International
A mix of Suntour and Campy with 7-speed freewheel. Fast commuter set-up. I've also enjoyed the Competition (middle) and the Supercourse (bottom) models.

1994 Bridgestone RB-T
Triple chain-ring touring bike. The main upgrade is the 3ttt moustache bars.

Motobecane Le Champion
(c.1981)All 531, diamond cut lugs. All Campy GS except the RD which is Super Record

Miyata 712
Came stock with 105, I put on older Dura-Ace crank and shifters; as well as a Rolf rear wheel with a big 8-speed cassette.
Bridgestone CB-1
Although the City Bike line was the ugly stepsister of the Bridgestone line, it seems great for commuting, especially in rain and snow and up big hills. I have studded tires and a huge steel basket hose-clamped to the rear rack which works well.
Ross Mt Whitney MTB
All Chrome with forged drop-outs and bull moose bars. Converted to an internal 7 speed.
Raleigh Twenty Folder
The main upgrade is the Vuelta rear rim laced onto the original SA 3-speed hub.